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Storage room

If you are going to do works at home, if you move to another country, if you want to give a new use to one of your rooms, … we offer a storage room where you can keep what you cannot or do not want to have temporarily or permanently at home: furniture, sports equipment, out of season clothing, documentation, decoration articles, collections, etc. Even if you are a company we can keep the material you request.

The great advantage of our service is that you can approach our warehouse or we can take the storage to your house or the address you request us to put or take everything you need. We adapt when you decide and our staff will offer assistance and help to upload and download.

In the process of booking a warehouse we will help you to prepare a declaration and inventory of goods and then it will be sealed.

In addition to furniture, archives, technological devices and different objects, we have the ability to transport your vehicle or motorcycle safely and easily.

We have specific quality materials for packing delicate objects such as glass, artwork, furniture, etc. We have our own vehicles adapted to the weight and volume of each load: ramps, lift trucks, escalators, etc.

Our staff is specialized and trained in moving to protect your belongings because we know they are very important for you.

If you need more information about this service or any other do not hesitate to get in touch with us because we are one of the companies with more years of experience in Madrid.

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