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Transfer of documents

Sometimes it is necessary to dislodge rooms or cabinets that are full of all types of documents and even old computer equipment. We are specialists in integral removals:

  • If your company is moving to a new building or you just want to move the files, catalogs, books and records you have stored for years, we can help you do it quickly and safely. All material transferred will be protected and stored in an orderly manner, following the initial order of collection.
  • If instead you prefer that we keep it for you, we can provide you one of our storeroom where they will be safe, protected from humidity and with an optimum temperature for as long as you need. We will translate everything you need.
  • Or if what you want or what your company needs is to get rid of the old documentation that occupies a large space in your office, we can manage the destruction of everything you need. We issue a certificate in compliance with the Data Protection regulations.

Our team of experts in moving, is formed especially in of packaging and transportation of objects, ensures a careful and fast work. Trust in Caballero International Moving for your document transfers, a company with more than 25 years dedicated to the moving; that is why we offer efficiency and organization in all the processes of the move so your company can continue with the normal operation.

In addition we can guarantee total confidentiality on the material transported. Request your budget without compromise. We offer services at national and international level.


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