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How to transport a mattress in a move

When moving, we know that there are objects that are more difficult to transport than others due to their size, weight and material.


A mattress is one of those objects complicate to transport in a moving, starting from the packaging. The outer material of a mattress can crack and stain easily, especially if carried in the roof of a car, in addition to regulatory bans in terms of dimensions and the risks of stability for the vehicle or climatology adverse effects.


As for the inside, if it is of springs and is not placed correctly it can deform and lose its form forever, so we do not recommend carrying it rolled up but straight and without possibility of bending during the road.

In Caballero International Moving we will protect the mattress so it will not suffer any damage, neither inside nor out. We use quality packaging, our team is formed in removals and packaging and our fleet of vehicles is prepared to carry any object, regardless of weight, measurement or material.

The mattress will be protected from dirt, moisture or possible deformations.

Resting is very important, do not play when it comes to transporting your mattress and get in touch with us so that we help you with your move safely, comfortable for you and economical.

We have been moving domestically and internationally for more than 25 years.




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