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How to prepare a piano for the moving?

Moving a piano is not an easy job since it is an instrument of great dimensions and quite heavy. It must be moved between several people and we need to consider in advance the available space and to take into account the path that we are going to go with it: Corners, stairs, etc.

You need to know how to pack it correctly and how to transport it so it will not be damaged. Attention must be paid, both to the outside (keys, legs …) and to the inside part (internal components), to avoid breakage or damage to the soundboard.

Another aspect to take into account is the climate; in humid places it must be protected with special materials and impermeable to avoid that it is damaged both inside and outside in case of rain.

To avoid all worries it is best to trust in a professional company like Caballero International Moving. We have been dedicated to removals for more than 25 years and we know all the packing systems, adapted to each object and each material. In addition, we have a fleet of trucks and vans capable of transporting all kinds of objects regardless of weight or dimension.

If the piano is going to be relocated in a house with a small or narrow door, which is an aspect that is often not taken into account, we have pulleys, lifting cranes and platform elevators that are able to introduce the piano through windows or balconies.

Contact us and we will offer you a free quote.


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