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Packing and Transporting Plants

If you are moving and you have to transport plants we will give you some tips so they do not suffer any damage, since plants are fragile and require special care.

A few days before the move (depending on the plant) stop watering it so that the day of the move it does not drip.

If there are several plants or a large one and you cannot carry them during the trip in your hands, they must be put in boxes specially prepared for the transfer. Some of the recommendations to take into account are the following:

– The box must have holes or some type of opening for the plant to breathe.

– Protective material must be fitted so that it does not break during the trip.

– The box of the plant should be the last box kept so they are not crushed by heavier ones.

–  A label or writing in the box specifying that there is a plant inside or that it is fragile material is highly recommended.

Transport is not easy and the longer the journey, the more complicated it becomes. In addition to the move itself, we recommend taking into account the climate and characteristics of the area where the new house is located and the conditions required for the plant to grow up.

You can always hire a specialized moving company like Caballero International Moving , we have boxes of different characteristics and all kind of materials that will help protect your plants.

During the move we will provide you with the packing and transfer service and the most suitable advice to make it a success.


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