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I am moving in summer!

With the arrival of summer, the increase in removals around the world comes and if you have any doubts, we want to help you make the best decision.

Most of the removals are made in summer and is mainly due to the following points:

  • In summer we usually have more free time, whether we are on vacation or have intensive shift in our company
  • There is more natural light because the days last longer
  • If you have children at home, moving in summer will not interrupt their studies or the activities they have during the school year
  • Caballero International Moving maintains the same prices in summer and in winter

Because the removals increase more than 20% in summer, we recommend you to start planning the move during the spring months in order to reserve the dates with the company you want to hire.

Caballero International Moving has permanent staff all year what guarantees that the people who will take care of your belongings will be professional movers and non-extras hired for the summer. In addition we have our own vehicles to adapt us to any volume and weight, as well as elevating ramps, escalators, cranes, etc. We will provide you all the necessary information so you do not have to worry about the removal, we use quality packaging that will protect each object so that it does not suffer any damage, regardless of the size or distance of the transfer.

In addition, if you hire our Premium Service, we will also help you to unpack the entire load, placing items, furniture assembly, curtains, lamps, paintings, installation of appliances, etc.

Thousands of customers for over 25 years have trusted us because their belongings are important to us as well. Responsiveness is our motto, one of the most experienced companies in Spain.


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