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Tips for transporting books in a move

If you are going to make a household removal, books require special attention because of the material they are made of (paper and carton) and the weight they have.

The best way to move the books is in carton boxes keeping in mind that although they are not large objects, several of them together can weigh too much and can break the box or you could hurt your back. The best thing to do is to put a few books in a box and fill the rest of the space with lightweight materials such as towels or sheets.

In addition to weight, it is important to make sure that there are no pages folded inside and if possible, especially when some is are made of a special material or has sentimental value, pack it so it will not suffer while moving boxes of the move since just a little dust could scratch the covers.

If you want, you can write down in the boxes where the books inside belong to: living room, a bedroom, etc., so when you have to place them again it is easier to distribute them.

In Caballero International Moving, besides having quality packaging, we have an expert team in moving that will protect your furniture and belongings regardless of material or dimension. This way your library will arrive in perfect condition to your new home.

In addition if not all the books fit in your new home or you do not want to have them there but you want to keep them, we give you the option to make some boxes to keep them in our storages and they will be protected as long as you need.

Call us and we will provide you all the information you need.

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